British Library

Unfinished Business: The Fights for Women's Rights
Art direction Exhibition graphics

This exhibition highlights the many voices of the women’s rights movement in the UK through integrated displays of photography, books, paintings, film and immersive audio visual pieces. The exhibition also focuses on contemporary activist groups and aims to provide visitors with a momentum to dig deeper and get involved.

The exhibition design focuses on creating a welcoming and inclusive environment, attempting to embody the feeling of movement and activity. The language of the protest march is employed to form the enclosing walls of a media space at the heart of the exhibition. The line between architecture and graphics is blurred; printed panels document key marches and display infographics on the exterior of the media space, forming a backdrop to the displays which wrap around the space.

The exhibition colours reflect the dynamic way that feminist movements connect and inspire one another. The bold and abstract graphic colour palette is formed from 3 principal colours which overlap to create secondary colours. This overlapping creates a feeling of transparency and transformation whilst providing a substantial identity to the graphic elements.

Typefaces were carefully picked to celebrate women in typography. More and more women chose typography as a career and the design celebrates their beautiful work.

We would like to thank Design Week and Creative Boom for giving us an opportunity to speak about the project and our thought process. You can find the articles at the links below:

3D design: Plaid
Film and audio: Clay Interactive
Lighting: DHA Designs
Typeface design: Alice Savoie
Photography: Leon Chew