British Museum

National Touring Programme
Art direction Visual identity

The British Museum tours a wide range of exhibitions and spotlight loans around the UK every year, reaching around 10 million people. The museum needed a design strategy that would allow the hosting museums to promote the events with a consistent look and feel.

The identity had to be flexible to work for each venue and their different audiences. Accommodating dual language for exhibitions held in Wales was also paramount. We wanted our approach to emphasize the relationship between the British Museum and the local museums.

We created a playful grid system while retaining some of the key elements of the British Museum’s visual identity. We offered each venue three different colour schemes; light, dark or bright, giving them an opportunity to choose a design set that would match their internal communication strategies.

Our design has allowed venues to promote the exhibitions in lots of varied ways, from large scale billboards to small newsprint advertisings. Keep your eyes peeled, you should spot a few of those in the next couple of years.