Alexander the Great

British Library
Art direction Exhibition graphics

When it comes to making myths, Alexander the Great’s story has it all. Not a historical exhibition, this show took visitors on a journey through the myths and legends that faceted Alexander's fantasies. With 2,000 years of epic tales, the objects ranged from astrological clay tablets, ancient papyri, and mediaeval manuscripts to Hollywood and Bollywood movies and cutting-edge videogames. This major exhibition crossed continents to explore the fantastical stories that turned legacy into legend.

We designed an approach that wouldn’t anchor Alexander in a specific place or period of time. The graphics surprised the visitors and created a sense of marvel as the graphic journey unfolded and brought the audience to unknown places. These textures evoked known terrain such as sand but also unattainable places such as heaven or misty landscapes.

The colour palette travelled seamlessly between the sections, transitioning from dawn to dusk bringing warmth and a sense of time to the exhibition.

The exhibition titles used a unique typeface that blended the characteristics of a sans serif typeface with Egyptian serif details. This contemporary and playful approach to typography resonated with our overall design principles. Its contemporary design gently nodded to heritage typography with its Egyptian serifs but was also highly appropriate for the timeless legends of Alexander. Curved gold quotes weaved poetically through the exhibition and illuminated the stories behind a truly magnificent object collection.


Design Team

Exhibition 3D design
Drinkall Dean

Exhibition 2D design
lombaert studio

Digital media design
Clay Interactive 

Lighting design
DHA Designs

Film and photography
Edward Bishop