At Home

Biennale du Design St Etienne
Art direction Exhibition graphics

At home: A panorama of our domestic lives was presented at the Biennale Internationale du Design de St Etienne (France). This exhibition studied the meaning of home, not only as a place to shelter but also as a place to communicate one’s personal identity.

In collaboration with Plaid London and designed during the Covid-19 Pandemic, we created a series of volumes that would house the content of the exhibition. We use Re-board – a lightweight recycled material – and drop paper for the exhibition graphics. Our approach for the 2D design relied on the use of bold colours and large scale graphics to connect the different sections together.

The oversized text panels fulfilled different functions. Their size created a design statement while allowing us to increase the size of the text and respond to the best criteria in terms of access requirements. The large point sizes minimised the requirements of large print guides for visitors with visual impairments.

The directional arrows for the one way circulation became an integral part of the overall identity of the exhibition. With their shape evoking a house, we used them on the floor but also for the entrance graphics to create a cityscape, evoking the different density of population in cities.


Design Team

Exhibition 3D design
Plaid London

Exhibition 2D design
lombaert studio