Digital Storytelling

British Library
Art direction Exhibition graphics

Digital Storytelling transported visitors through the thought-provoking world of interactive writing. Technology has transformed the way we tell stories and this exhibition displayed some of the best examples of experiential narratives.

We worked in close collaboration with Plaid London to design a space that felt engaging and tactile, avoiding any pre-conception and pastiche representations of digital design. On the contrary, we wanted to explore how digital storytelling is making stories more organic involving the visitors in the narrative and decision making.

This idea of flexibility and movement was translated by using a large colour palette and various panel shapes. The shapes were used to help visitors decompose the layers of the narrative and provide practical instructions about how to interact with the displays.

Each story was presented as a group with the title of the story cut-out of Reboard panels. The stencilled titles used bespoke letters to create a subtle glow that brought depth to the space. All our panels and labels were printed on recycled materials.

3D design: Plaid
Lighting: DHA Designs