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Engineers Gallery
Exhibition Graphics Art Direction

Engineers shape the world that we live in, creating bold, ground-breaking innovations that respond to global challenges and improve billions of lives.

We designed a gallery with human stories at the core of its experience. To illustrate those authentic stories, we commissioned portraits of engineers working with varying skills in a wide range of domains. The photographs printed at actual scale allow the visitors to ‘meet’ the engineers and be inspired to pursue a career in engineering themselves.

Text panels integrated into the curved structures of the gallery use 100% recycled and recyclable plastic sheets designed and made in the UK. It was essential that our approach reflected the creative and sustainable projects that engineers are undertaking today. The texture of the panels is a visual reminder of the importance of circular design in material selection, now and into the future.


Design Team:

Exhibition 3D design
Science Museum Group

Exhibition 2D design
lombaert studio

Engineers portraits
Science Museum Group