British Library
Art direction Exhibition graphics

‘Fantasy: Realms of Imagination’ explores the beautiful, uncanny and sometimes monstrous makings of fantasy. From epic visions to intricately envisaged details, this exhibition at the British Library celebrates some of the finest fantasy creators and delve into the traditions of a genre that has created some of the most passionate fandoms.

We designed an immersive exhibition with large scale graphics that transport the audience to other worlds. Once the visitors step into the gallery, they go through portals and become travellers encountering fantastical landscapes.

In the gallery, they face a different reality. Although recognisable landscapes, their surrounding seems to have been put through distorting lenses. Using a combination of digital and analogue processes, we stretched large scale images of landscape that they would encounter on a fantastical quest. The graphics create atmosphere but also act as backdrops for the objects on display.

We take the visitors from the dark enchanted forest to bright epic mountains making the most of the high ceiling gallery. On their journey they also witness stormy skies, dark distorted branches until the final section where the colour palette shifts to warm tones, signalling the sunset and the end of the journey.

During their exploration of the gallery, they will encounter large backlit text panels, evoking monoliths but also small forest spirits – from Princess Mononoke – hidden in corners. We filled the space with magic and surprises so the visitors can leave the space filled with wonder and marvel.


'The British Library's new show is a visually captivating treat'
– The Telegraph


Design Team:

Exhibition 3D design
Drinkall Dean

Exhibition 2D design
lombaert studio

Digital media design
Clay Interactive 

Lighting design
DHA Designs

Leon Chew