Organic beauty oil
Art direction Visual identity

Kōy–ko encapsulates Nature’s secrets into a collection of organic beauty oils. The oils regenerate the skin from sunrise to sunset. Komorebi, a Japanese expression describing the sunlight filtered through the trees, brings light to the morning skin. The ritual is completed with Kadō "way of flowers" and Mizuki, “beautiful moon”.

The design is an invitation to wander into Japan and honour the sophistication of their beauty rituals. We re-interpreted the codes of Onmyōdō, a Japanese philosophy based on the Yin and Yang where forces are interdependent. We played on this idea of contrasts that together bring balance to the world.

We embraced a minimalist design aesthetic with black and white labels enhancing the natural and rich colours of the oils. The design celebrates the beauty find in the natural ingredients and the simplicity of enjoying Nature's treasures. Kōy–ko offers a moment dedicated to oneself and a reminder to respect our body and the planet.