Estate & Cottages
Branding Art Direction

Located in the picturesque landscape of West Sussex, Lydhurst features self-contained properties set amidst 400 acres of sprawling grounds. Offering both tranquillity and opportunities for communal gatherings and celebrations, Lydhurst can cater for a wide spectrum of audiences and needs. Our aim was to design an identity that would offer the brand the flexibility needed to showcase this diverse array of experiences.

We drew inspiration from the estate’s natural beauty and its unique cottages. We sought to encapsulate the symbiotic relationship between humans and nature, inviting guests to embark on a wild yet luxurious escape.

The importance of our connection to nature is made tangible in the design of the logotype. The letters grow and intertwine in a unique organic pattern evoking the perpetual motion of the natural world.

This feeling of movement is also reflected in the colour palette, which evolves with the changing seasons. By combining natural hues and deep blues inspired by the cottage designs, the colours seamlessly transition across social media and the website, mirroring the metamorphosis of the surrounding natural environment.

The attention to detail paid while renovating the historical buildings is celebrated with a collection of shapes that represent the distinct design of each cottage. These shapes form parts of the on-site signage but can also be used on the website and social media to showcase reviews and highlights.

It is the combination of these rich layers that makes Lydhurst’s visual identity unique and enable this independent business to flourish by captivating new and previously untapped audiences.