Phaedra Ensemble

Visual identity Poster design

Phaedra Ensemble explores the spaces between classical, experimental and contemporary music. With a strong intuition for genre-crossing and interdisciplinary work, Phaedra often collaborates with artists from other disciplines including theatre performer and video makers.


One of Phaedra Ensemble’s key project is their concert series entitled VOX. VOX is a musical exploration around the voice and how it is used as tool to create sound. The project feature singers, poets and performers with an experimental approach to words. For the last few years, we have been working in close collaboration with the ensemble to design their promotional assets for the concert series including printed posters and digital content.


We started by designing a new logo that they could use on their different platforms and social media. In music, brackets connect distinct parts together such as strings and vocals ensemble. So, for their logo, we wanted to reflect on their approach to music, a framework to gather individual talents into a unique ensemble.


Our photographic approach to the posters focused on the mouth with a texture emphasizing movement. Phaedra’s experimentations are in perpetual motion and so is the identity that we created. Each year we build on the previous year adding layers to the design and create work that is evolving through time.