Royal Opera House
Art direction Brand identity

Nestled in the heart of Covent Garden, Piazza is more than just a restaurant and terrace bar – it's a distinctive space within the Royal Opera House. Our aim was to design a fresh visual identity that establishes the restaurant as a welcoming destination catering to all visitors, including those not attending performances.

Drawing inspiration from the historical significance of Covent Garden as the first modern square in London – referred to as a piazza in XVII Century England – our design celebrates the legacy of the area while retaining a contemporary look and feel.

Covent Garden's rich past as a vibrant flower and vegetable market is reflected in our colour palette. Using greens and natural hues, we aimed to create a seamless blend of outdoor-indoor aesthetics, linking the restaurant and its terrace to the market's lively spirit.

The distinct letterform in the logo mirrors the iconic arches of the market, establishing a visual bridge between the restaurant's name and Covent Garden's renowned architecture. Building on this architectural theme, we designed a bespoke pattern for Piazza, inspired by the details of the ironwork and vaulted glass roof of the market. This unique pattern is versatile, adorning our brand assets including the menu, social media approach and advertisements.

Piazza’s commitment to reducing its impact on the environment is reflected in the unique range of papers used on the menu. The textured paper is made from agricultural waste, using the stems and leaves left over the harvest which is often burnt. The natural shades, manufactured from 100% agri-waste is also completely unbleached and has lower CO2 emissions than virgin fibre or recycled papers.