Theatre company
Art Direction Visual identity

P’trus is an experimental theatre company based in Montreal. Their performances, somewhere between cinema and dance, bring visitors on a journey through romantic and dramatic landscapes.

The poetic atmosphere is translated with intense music and a minimal colour palette. Actors, settings and light are of neutral greys to allow the visitors to experience dark atmospheres that can be transformed with the use of coloured light.

To design the visual identity of P’trus, we explored the language of the French impressionist cinema of the 1920s. Those movies were anything but silent, inhabited by powerful scores, a rich approach to typography and the expressive use of coloured filters to create climax.

We wanted to translate this experimental approach and create an identity where typography and iconography are interweaved together. We drew bespoke letters for their logo, inspired by the intertitles of the impressionist cinema; the contemporary shape of the letters creating a contrast with the serifs inspired by Art Deco lettering.

Photography is placed at the heart of the design. We used their existing library of black and white images and used colour filters as a way to convey emotions. This allowed us to break with the monotony of black and white images while creating a very distinct identity. The visuals reflect P’trus’ approach to theatre, expressive with a sense of play.