The Colour of Transformation

Artist Bryony Benge-Abbott
Print design Poster design

The Colour of Transformation is a film directed by Bryony Benge-Abbott including a documentary and artistic performance. We designed the programme and elements of communication for the events that accompanied the projection of the film.

The film gives a voice to women from marginalised communities and explores our deep connection with nature. Through interviews of pioneering change-makers and activists, the film aims to inspire younger generations who face uncertain futures. The second part of the film showcased contemporary choreography in rhythm with Abott’s poetry.

Our approach remained simple in its essence, celebrating the beautiful prints and images from Abbott’s art practice. We carefully chose a typeface that evoked movement, a contemporary but friendly design that would inspire the young community we wanted to reach.

We worked in close collaboration with our printer to minimise waste, using recycled paper and designing in a format that responded to the paper size to avoid off cuts. The folded programme could be opened, revealing a poster that could be brought home as a memento of the event.

We really enjoyed working on this project and seeing the fantastic film created by Abbott. We hope it will inspire and empower many young people.