Ruskin in the Age of Science

The Skies are for All
Visual identity Editorial design

Ruskin in the Age of Science is a series of exhibitions and publications presenting the work of John Ruskin who lived in an era of rapid scientific progress that shaped modern Britain. The series places Ruskin alongside his nineteenth century scientific contemporaries, exploring his influence on science and society, in his time and our own.

The first publication, The Skies are for All: Ruskin and Climate Change, showcases how Ruskin’s analysis paralleled the evolution of climate science.

Our visual identity is grown from Ruskin’s observations of the sky, creating a gradient that evokes dawn, but also the darkness created by the side effects of the Industrial Revolution. The publication’s design creates dialogues between Ruskin’s sketches, contemporary artists and scientific observations. Dramatic crops direct the reader’s gaze towards subtle details of the works, inviting a scientific but also poetic reflection on the roots of climate change.