Tate Britain

Walter Sickert
Advertising campaign design Print design

Walter Sickert was one of the most influential artists of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This exhibition was the opportunity to discover the pioneering, theatrical paintings by one of Britain’s most influential artists. Our objective was to align the design with the ambition to position Sickert as a key figure in British art history and make it feel like an unmissable, blockbuster show. ‘Walter Sickert’ had the biggest audience target for Tate Britain in 2022.

Theatre was central in the work of Walter Sickert. Before being a painter, Sickert performed on stage as an actor. Although he became a painter, he never really left the stage, always playing new roles. His sense of storytelling and the way he was framing his painting was revolutionary. A controversial artist, he challenged the moral perspectives of his time.

Our look and feel for the exhibition conveyed the sense of theatre and his storytelling approach within a dark and dramatic setting. Working with the Tate typeface, we explored a title treatment that emphasised Sickert's innovative use of light. Placing Walter Sickert as a character on stage was also an essential part of the narrative. We chose the image based on its dynamic composition between the little girl and Sickert's name.

We developed designs for the on-site signage, out of home advertising, press ads and digital assets.