We design stories that connect brands and people together for a better future.

We are a multidisciplinary graphic design studio spanning art direction, brand identity, editorial design, exhibitions, and digital design. Our studio is based in South London but we work with talented people across the globe. We hand-pick creative collaborators to fit the unique needs of each project.

We love orange, but we think in green. With a dedication to both graphic design and sustainability, we aim to disrupt the status quo. Our mission is to empower our clients to embrace bold decisions and cultivate behaviours that lead to a more promising tomorrow.

Our approach places conceptual thinking and collaboration with our clients at the core of our creative process.


We deeply care about the natural world, and sustainability is not a checkbox for us; it’s a fundamental value embedded in our ethos. We study the impact of our projects on people and the planet, using this information as a driver for decision-making.


We challenge expectations and ambitions to create engaging designs that inspire critical thinking. Our purpose is to add value and offer authentic narratives.


We transform limitations into a creative force to deliver a distinct and integrated design experience. We bring experts to tailor a bespoke design response to your brand.

Although our list of clients is varied, our projects all have one thing in common: they have a positive impact on people. We believe that design can raise awareness on sensitive issues and transform people lives.

We aspire to go beyond our client’s expectations and deliver designs that we are both proud of.

Our clients

Do you have a project that you wish to discuss with us? Are you a talented individual looking to collaborate?

Drop us a line at hello@lombaertstudio.com